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Gratitude is the theme of Stamping for a Cause that was started in 2003 in honor of Daniel Miller who passed away at 6 months of age in 2003. We were grateful for his life, no matter how short or fragile that it was. We were grateful for the doctors and nurses who cared for him, and our whole family, at Children’s Mercy Hospital. We are grateful daily for our life and the love of family of friends as we all make our difference in the world.
The handmade cards we make as a thank you for a $10 donation allow others to reach out & express their love & gratitude to those they care about.

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We created Daniel’s fund to pay tribute to those at Children’s Mercy Hospital who cared for us. The care & compassion we received was outstanding and we hope that in Daniel’s name we can provide contributions that will allow CMH to continue this care for other families & children in their time of need.

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Paying Forward

2017 Scholarship Recipients
Three very deserving individuals who we are proud to support their educational endeavors:

Bryan Limer, RN, BSN, CCRN
Bryan is a Critical Care Charge Nurse in the Adelaide C. Ward Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. He is seeking a MSN-FNP from the University of Kansas Medical Center.
In his scholarship application, Bryan said: ‘It has been my pleasure to have worked at Children’s Mercy for over 20 years now. I previously worked as a Transport Respiratory Therapist on the Critical Care Transport team for 15 years. I then went back to school to attain my RN degree. For the last 5 years I have worked in the PICU, most recently as a Critical Care Charge Nurse and as a part of the ECMO (Extracorporeal Membrane Oxgenation) team. The accumulation of experience in those settings has helped to mold and create me into the practitioner that I am today. I hope to build on those experiences as I work toward my goal to be a Family Nurse Practitioner. I see a great need in the future of health care, especially as it pertains to primary care. It is my hope that I will be able to utilize the skills of an Advanced Practice nurse to aid families that are in need of necessary medical care receive the preventative care that they deserve. It is my belief that by doing so, one can help empower those families and help to forge a future relationship of trust and compassion as it relates to their health care decisions. I am starting my journey towards a Master’s degree in Nursing, with my ultimate goal to continue on to complete my Doctorate of Nursing Practice.”

 Molly Luttrell, RN
Molly is a Staff Nurse on the 4 Henson/Hall inpatient unit. She is working on her BSN at Ottawa University.
In her application, Molly said: “I want to complete my BSN and continue on pursuing my Masters in Nursing Education. I would like to also receive my CPON [Certified Pediatric Oncology Nurse] certification within the next 2 years. Nursing is ever changing, and I believe in educating myself to a Masters leveled nurse, will help me become a more well rounded, efficient nurse. Completing my BSN will allow me to take my degree and education to the next level. Ultimately, I would like to stay at CMH and pursue an educator position, once I have fulfilled my time as a bedside nurse.”

Sarah Sass, RN, BSN
Sarah is a Staff Nurse on the 4 Henson inpatient unit. She is pursuing a Doctorate of Nursing Practice- Pediatric Acute/Primary Care from Creighton University.
In her application, Sarah said: “I have learned so much about the nursing profession in the almost 4 years I have been a nurse at Children’s Mercy. I pride myself on my clinical practice knowledge and skills because I hold myself and my hospital to such high standards. Pediatric nursing is constantly growing and evolving and with an advanced degree, I am able to have a more influential hand in that growth. My patients and their families give me motivation to use my knowledge of pediatric clinical nursing practice to ensure they are getting the best care possible. In my doctoral coursework, I am able to dive into the literature about evidence-based practices that are being proven to provide better pediatric nursing care. Being able to learn from this literature and implement it into the practices and procedures at Children’s Mercy has a direct impact on the patients as well as the providers. I recently read an article about the burn-out of pediatric oncology nurses and was able to discuss the issue with my unit educator so that we can learn from this research and make changes in our own practices. Taking care of nurses and providers can increase the quality of patient care. My goals as an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse are to use my knowledge and resources to advance the care I am giving to my patients. With the help of this scholarship, I can continue my education and obtain a degree that will allow me to offer clinical excellence as an Advanced Practice Nurse Practitioner to patients at Children’s Mercy Hospital.”



Donations collected in Daniel’s name support the Liver Care Center and allow three nursing scholarships to be given annually in the names of three exceptional nurses who became a special part of our family.

These extraordinary nurses made a special way into Daniel’s life and into our hearts. Their experience, their care, and their unwavering of strength will never be forgotten. We hope that the scholarships will lift a bit of the financial burden for other talented nurses who pursue educational advancement that translates into quality care for children in need.

At the direction of the Liver Care Center Medical Director, James Daniel, MD, we hope that the additional money raised will allow for the Center to continue their standard of excellence in pediatric care.